Fascism is creeping into the mainstream - judge and jury redundant in future - democracy becoming a joke


Ernst Hirsch Ballin is no newcomer to censorship advocacy. Strange, how it often is the same people who are always ready to strike blows to our liberties; the traditional ennemies of free speech.

From an earlier article:

Justice Minister and prosecutor...

Hollands justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrat [CDA]) earned 'fame' recently for his support of the prosecution of Dutch (islam critical) Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot who was arrested by a 10 man swat
team. Danish

MDI was instrumental in delivering the complaint about Gregorius Nekschot to the Justice department.

The case was initiated by District Attorney Paul Velleman who was criticised because Paul Velleman also is president of the LECD (National Expertise Center against Discrimination).

Ernst Hirsch Ballin has proposed stricter anti blasphemy laws, described by free speech activists as 'Christian Sharia'.

The Hague - The Dutch Parliament is highly critical of a proposal for a new law, put forward by outgoing Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrat), which would give Public Prosecutors or the District Attorney, whatever the term is, the power to remove information from internet sites on their own accord.

Judges would no longer be needed.

A parliamentary majority of VVD, PvdA, SP and D66 rejects the proposed far reaching powers for the Justice Department to start 'operating digitally' on its own.

Hirsch Ballin wants to give Public Prosecutors the authority to directly pull websites offline, in case there is illegal or illegally vested information [WikiLeaks?] present, if necessary by means of penalties.

Judges Offside

As far as Hirsch Ballin is concerned there will no longer be the need for a judge. 'This is a weapon in case quick censorship of information is needed, in order to prevent or end punishable offenses, and it is more effective than starting legal procedures for not fulfilling the demands of the Justice Department', according to the Christian Democrat Hirsch Ballin in his explanation.

Parliament thinks this is going much too far. 'It is for very good reasons that we have a separation of powers', says Liberal Democrat Berndsen.

'It would be quite drastic, if a Prosecutor could decide that a website is to be taken down. There should at least be a judge or an examining judge involved.

The Social Democrat Party (PvdA) agrees. 'I would rather have a quick probe by a judge', arguments Social Democrat MP Recourt.


Another website tells us that the new law would make recording of converstations in which one takes part would become a punishable offense. The website comments that Ernst Hirsch Ballin himself holds the world record for telephone taps.



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