A discussion hosted by the Columbia-Paris Alliance Program and SIPA, in collaboration with the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism.

[January 26, 2010]

'It's a great privilege to introduce Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, who really is one of the most forthright, and one of the bravest ehm, spokesman for freedom of speech, here or anywhere, and eh, he will close this with a few minutes of, closing statement.'


Bernard-Henri Lévy - Deniers of the 'olocost must be punished
Professes that like LICRA and the ADL 'all over the world', he thinks words can kill.

With these words, the editor of the American newspaper 'The New Yorker', David Remnick, introduced a closing speech by the French/Jewish philosopher, which ended a, at this point, one hour and 20 minutes long debate at Columbia University about freedom of speech, among a panel consisting of 5 people and a studio audience. [Video]

Panel members:

David Remnick, Editor of the New Yorker (Jewish - moderator)
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Author and French/Jewish Philosopher
Philippe Schmidt, Chairman of INACH and Vice-President of LICRA (Jewish)
Professor Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
Peter Awn, Director of Columbia's Middle East Institute

Contents (roughly) if you want to skip some of my rants


So far I have not heard Bernard-Henri Lévy's closing speech, because the first part of the program already contained enough material I found interesting. And it's a drag listning to him. The interaction with the public only contains few memorable moments.

  Hans Rustad - Zionist & anti-free speech - "Holocaust denial a threat against living people"
  Hans Rustad - Zionist & anti-free speech

"Holocaust denial a threat against living people" - Presenting itself, document.no writes that freedom is the basic value on which all other freedoms are built, a freedom which is now threatened, because the tolerant 'don't want to see that they tolerate intolerance.' But Hans Rustad is not a supporter of unlimited freedom of speech: 'I am not for allowing people to say that they want to kill people, so I think freedom of speech has limits. For example holocaust-denial is a threat against living people today. Source: Klassekampen 6 maj 2006 - Vil ta friheten i forsvar

So far I did not have the time to write much about the contribution of Philippe Schmidt, whose candid contributions were only what could be expected from an official belonging to two different Zionist censorship promoting organizations, with close connections to the Jewish free mason brotherhood Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith / ADL. | Dansk. But for the sake of documentation, I should publish a transcript of his statements as well. After all we found out how important hard evidence and good solid documentation is.

The 'olocost & other genocides

Before he delivered his expected grand finale, Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy the famous French/Jewish philosopher, dedicated much of several his long-winded drawn out speeches, defending why some phenomenon he chose to call 'holocaust-denial', should be the only exception to freedom of speech. He quickly included 'other genocides'. This hippocritical attitude to freedom of speech is common amongst Zionists; see anti-muslim, pseudo-nationalist Hans Rustad (Anders Behring Breivik connection) to the right.

The reason he gave, was in my view more an expression of chutzpah, pilpul, or Jewish double speak, than a confirmation of the popular myth that Jews, and especially 'French/Jewish philosophers', are endowed with a greater than average intelligence.

How to advocate censorship and wash your hands

The center point of the debate officially was 'freedom of speech', but very soon it would show that at least for some of the participants, the question was more about 'how to pretend that we endorse freedom of speech, while at the same time endorsing world wide implementation of laws ordering the persecution and punishment of people who dare question a specific Jewish approved kosher version of history'.

Bernard-Henri Lévy was the first participant to speak, and it wouldn't take long before he brought up the next most used issue used to defend restrictions on freedom of speech second only to child pornography; "The 'olocost".

  Persecuted in France
  Vincent Reynouard
  Vincent Reynouard | dansk
  Georges Theil
  Georges Theil
  Francois Duprat - Murdered for distributing 'Did Six Million Really Die?'
  Francois Duprat
  Francois Duprat 26/11 1940 - 18/03 1979. Murdered by Jewish terror group, for publishing the French version of the book 'Did Six Million Really Die'. His wife lost both legs in the explosion. The professor died 37 years old. Also see: Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France

Bernard-Henri Lévy A Fraud

Already at this point in the painful exercise it was, having to listen to Bernard-Henri Lévy's long winding attempts at fooling himself and the audience, I will accuse the famous French Jewish philosopher of being an utterly dishonest fraud. While he may deceive himself about some of his own short circuited arguments, he certainly must know he starts of his whole argument with a fat lie.

The first lie: 'Holocaust Denial'

With all the commotion in France, about revisionists and other challengers of the dominating Zionist/Jewish world view, with several people being persecuted, fined and imprisoned and fallen victim to other unpleasantries, such as being fired or physically attacked, for opposing a popular version of history, or for making jokes about Jews, or for arguing that the German occupation of France was much less harsh than it was in Poland, Mr. Lévy must certainly be aware of the fact, that there is no problem which really deserves the name 'holocaust denial'.

While somewhere in the world, there probably are people who if possible would 'deny the holocaust', if given an opportunity by a smart journalist (go to a bar, put a mike under a skinhead's nose, and ask if he 'believes in the 'olocaust'), the problem is not some people parroting rumors, shouting offensive slogans or parading neo-Nazis shouting that 'the holocaust is a lie'.

What Bernard-Henri Lévy really is concerned about

What Bernard-Henri Lévy really should have said, if he were an honest person, was that he wants to restrict activities and free speech in public, of independent researchers of history, highly educated chemical engineers who analyzed forensic evidence at sites where industrially orchestrated mass-murder is alleged to have taken place, and each and everyone who challenges any aspect of WWI history, that could be vital for the position of the Zionist state of Israel, and the general privileged position of Jews in Western HoloCaustianized countries, that helps Zionists and much of organized Jewry with their efforts to control the way things are moving.

Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, if he is not completely detached from society and reality, living a stardom life only among dedicated fans of 'Nouvelle Philosophie' oriented French/Jewish philosophers, certainly knows the names of the people I am talking about, as well as the general content of their works.

But that of course is the whole purpose of the arguments from this champion of free speech; not to have to be publicly confronted by informed and intelligent people, and be asked questions he wouldn't be able to answer to anybody's satisfaction.

Bernard-Henri Levy... What kind of a 'philosopher' would go so low as this French/Zionist sorry excuse for a philosopher, as to pass himself of as a champion of free speech, while attacking exactly the kind of free speech which is deemed improper by the members of his own tribe. If free speech ever had any meaning, contrary to the opinion of Bernard, this would exactly be the situation where exercizing that freedom would be most applicable. The idea of Free Speech was invented to expose sanctemonious totalitarians such as himself.

It is plain stupidity, but as long as his followers keeps on praising the obviously completely naked French/Jewish Emperor's non existent clothes, he will get away with his chutzpah.

I would say, that this kind of Jewish philosophy is comparable to what some people jokingly call (disrespect intended) 'Jewish Arithmetics'.

4.000.000 1.500.000 (now 1.100.000)

The kind of arithmetics, where 6.000.000 - 2.500.000 = 6.000.000, referring to the sudden change of the engraved numbers of dead on the memorial plaques in Auschwitz in the nineties, from 4 million to 1½ million, while leaving the existing 'official' 6 million figure untouched.

How disrespectful of me to point out such a minor flaw, and even joking about it. We should have a law against it.. The dead are wakin' from the noise my keyboard's makin'...

But what really was the argument this French/Jewish con artist used in order to explain his willingness to impose censorship on the world, and to jail intellectual dissidents?

Bernard-Henri Lévy transcript:

This difficult question of denial of the holocaust, eh of condemning and putting a law against denial of holocaust and denial of other genocides, not only holocaust.

On one side one could say, and I have a lot of friends who say; 'it is so stupide, to deny 'olocaust, and eh, the truth is so stronge, the evidence is so clear, that we should let the good currency, eh, get rid of the bad currency. Why make a law?

This is an acceptable argument, we could think like that..

On the other side, the reason why, as for myself, after having thought at length on this question, for years, I finally decide that the law was good is the following, I will say it, I'm sorry very shortly, in few words, but it supposes, it could be developed.

For me the denial of ze genocide, is part of the genocide itself. It is part of the genocide. It is very clear in ze genocide against Jews, you know, the structure of the genocide, supposed had embedded into itself, the fact of the denial..

Direzsays (?), Himlèr and so on said, not only we will kill them, but we are going to erase the trace of the killing, the deniàl is part of the crime..

Same for the Armenians... Ze committers, ze executioners of ze 'olocaust of the Armenians, said exactly the same.

It is not enough to kill, we have to at the same time in the same movement, in the same breathing, we have to commit and erase the crime..

So there is a very péculiàr structure of genocide, it is not the crime as any other( ?), there is a péculiàr structure, which having the denial integrated in the crime, makes the possibility, and imposes I think, the necessity of punishing the denial which is part of the crime.

The transcript above is from: 03 Bernard-Henri Lévy 01 (50 MB)

Twisted reasoning

Is it really necessary to argument for the rather obviously untenable nature of the muddy reasoning by this prophet of the so called 'Nouvelle Philosophie' [new philosophy]?

Well, at least Professor Kent Greenawalt tried:

So I think there is an argument about whether it should be eh, not allowed in European countries, but I, the real reasons struck me as quite implausible, eh for the following reason, ah, assuming that part of the idea of genocide, or that particular genocide was that it was also going to be covered up, eh, that was part of what it was, but now we're generations later, and the question is, should people be able to deny that that existed or not.

To me it wouldn't make any difference.

Suppose their basic idea has been, let's publicize that to everybody, and eh, - that it's great [uncertain] - we're doing this, and the same few generations later and some people are denying that it took place, so I don't see the connection between the denial, or that it took place generations later and what the underlying philosophy was of the genocide in the first place, that seems to be a pretty remote eh, relation..

The transcript above is from: 11 Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School

The exploitation of the suffering was a pre meditated embedded part of the crime!

  The exploitation of the suffering was part of the crime....

Hertzl: It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends'. (From the Diary, of Theodor Hertzl, founder of Zionism, Part I, pp. 16)

On Feb 1, 1940 Henri Montor executive vice-President of the United Jewish Appeal refused to intervene for a shipload of Jewish refugees stranded on the Danube river, stating that 'Palestine cannot be flooded with... old people or with undesirables.' Source | Another nice one (mouse over only)

Chaim Weizman, the first 'Jewish statesman' stated: 'The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important'. Weizman's cohort, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation ' One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe'. More examples

Question: If someone leaves a small child in a room alone with a pittbull, and it kills the child, who really is to blame?

  Kent Greenawalt - Columbia Law School

I wonder if it might also have crossed Mr. Greenawalds mind, that Bernard's assumption that the denial was embedded in the crime, could be reversed in this way: The exploitation of the suffering was part of the crime.

As we all know the Zionists needed a large number of Jewish victims, in order to be able to black mail the world to give them their own state.

It is a well known fact, that Zionist organizations were not the least interested in saving Jews who were deemed of no value for the Zionist state. I suppose Greenawald would have been too politite to mention it, if indeed he had thought of it.

Bernard-Henri Lévy - Zionist Real-Politik in stead of French/Jewish philosophy (or is this what F/J philosophy actually is all about?)

Funny though that no one seemingly had the guts to stand up for free speech on it's own merits ('ohne wenn und aber') , without counting, weighing and considering how profitable or contra-productive this would be, in order to further certain views on history, and other not so narrowly defined causes we apparently all are morally obliged to subscribe to.

Columbia Law School Professor Kent Greenawalt came closest, and appeared to be the most sincere advocate of free speech present on the panel. No hard words here.

Old excuses for new dictatorships

It took the French/Jewish genius 2 minutes and 40 seconds to speak the few paragraphs above, and the audience waited in deafening silence to hear the masterful magical explanation as to how to defend dictatorship and totalitarian measures, and sell it as an act of benevolence towards mankind at the same time. Not like it seemed that anybody but his fellow censorship advocate Schmidt from the French/Jewish NeoGestapo Thought Crime Units LICRA and INACH was fooled.

It does seem rather obvious that Bernard-Henri Levy is just following the same creed every dictatorship in history has always used, in order to keep opinions in line with the ideas of the dictator.

The End Justifies the Means

The same thing: 'The End Justifies the Means'. Stalin did it, Hitler did it, Beria did it, Kaganov did it, Goebbels and Göring and Himmler did it, just as Chairman Mao, Bela Kun, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, the Spanish Inquisition, Montezuma, Erich Honecker, you name it.

I am sure that my simple conclusions to the result of years of Bernàrd's dedicated mental acrobatics on the question whether or not 'holocaust denial' should be a punishable offence, could be the result of my humble formal education and background, and / or the lack of a Jewish super genome for intelligence .

It could also be that I'm exactly right, and that this learned and self important 'Elder of Zion', Mr. Bernard-Henri Levy, is nothing more than your average apologist for Zionist strategies, beating around the bush, and inventing creative solutions aimed at generating approval and defense for his own wish to oppress political, religious or ideological opponents.

Nouvelle NKVD


Le CRIF: un lobby qui occupe une place à part | Un lobby qui manipule les goys

  Bernard-Henri Levy in the first number of the journal Globe in 1985: “Of course we are resolutely cosmopolitan. Of course all that is earthy, bourrées, bagpipes, in short typically French or chauvinist, is foreign, even odious to us.” “Fatherlands of any kind and their processions of old-fashioned things” disgust him utterly: all that is nothing but a “timid and exasperated retreat to the most impoverished identities.” “To speak patois, to dance bourrées, to march to the sound of bagpipes, such stupidity is nauseating” (L’Idéologie française, 1981, pp. 212-16) The Religious Origins of Globalism: An Interview with Hervé Ryssen, Part 3
  Even Hitler did not see Jews as a race
  "Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race. There does, however, exist a community, to which, in fact, the term can be applied and the existence of which is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the spiritually homogeneous group, to membership of which all Jews throughout the world deliberately adhere, regardless of their whereabouts and of their country of domicile; and it is this group of human beings to which we give the title Jewish race... The Jewish race is first and foremost an abstract race of the mind... A race of the mind is something more solid, more durable than just a race, pure and simple..." - Mein Kampf | Thanks to Ole Kreiberg

Jewish Supremacy and planned extermination of the white race; part of EU goals from the very beginning:
The Racist and Supremacist Roots of European Union Ideology - Coudenhove-Kalergi

How does the EU implement its thus declared goal of substituting immigrants for native Europeans?
GalliaWatch 6 July 2010: Martin Hirsch, a Jewish member of Sarkozy´s government as High Commissioner on "active solidarity against poverty" until 2010: "True integration will be when Catholics name their child Mohammed." More at Euro-med

And as Jews and Zionists often feel free to accuse others of being 'haters' on an ethnical basis, I hope this proponent of the 'Nouvelle NKVD' will allow me to suggest that Mr. Bernard-Henri Levy's obviously heart felt, spontaneous, emotional and sadly unreflected attachment to his own Jewish ethnicity or identity, and it's accompanying ethnocentrical myths, might cause him to be less than objective, to a degree where he puts his own intellectual corruption on full public display.

Apart from his status as an academic and the advantages it apparently gives to be a French/Jewish philosopher with sense for theatrics, there is not much originality to Mr. Bernard's advocacy for dictatorship.

In fact, the learned philosopher seems to have a something in common (apart from Jewish ancestry) with the notorious professional holocaust survivor (the only known alleged Auschwitz prisoner without a tattoo) Elie Wiesel and Jewish ADL extremist Abe Foxman, or even a little with famous Jewish holocaust historian, Raul Hilberg. Hilberg was the man who could not find evidence for the allegation that mass extermination of Jews was directly ordered by Adolf Hitler, (as demanded by those who dictate history), so he suggested 'Genocide By Telepathy'; Hitler had given the orders telepathically.

Pretty similar to: 'the structure of the genocide, supposed had embedded into itself, the fact of the denial'. Or Elie Wiesel: 'Some events do take place but are not true; others are, although they never occurred.'

Note the similarities to talmudic arguments regulating different forms of pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality and other perversions. Statements without real logic, that are presented as logic. It is the receiver of the message who decides. And throught long periods with intense philosemitism people were programmed to read something extremely positive into every Jew, so they got used to getting away with the most incredible things. That's why people like Madoff could get so far before they are stopped. Nobody questions a Jew, it's anti-Semitic. Sounds crazy, but it's true.

'Singular event in history'

I don't know about the Jewish holocaust historian Raul Hilberg, who was so honest and decent as to protest the persecution of revisionists, and even said other historians could learn from them, but the other guys mentioned in the above paragraph all have in common that they consider 'The Holocaust' a singular event in history, to the end of times, perpetrated by white folks in general, of which no part is to be questioned, no matter how obviously contradictory it may be to other parts. In fact their intention is to completely trash anything resembling a neutral scientific approach to certain parts of history.

Apart from aiming at controlling how Goyish / Christian countries teach and appreciate history, they also demand the right to write our 'hate speech laws', (1) (2). Of course backing up their demands with claims of posessing some higher moral authority derived from their alleged eternal victimhood ('my family died in the holocaust').

Cleverly putting 'the Jews' in the place which used to be occupied by Christ in Western societies. While 'fighting against racism', they actually either directly or covert claim a racial basis for the moral superiority of Jews, and even a racial basis for alleged Gentile hatred of Jews. (Interesting Hitler quote ----> )

While Bernard-Henri Levy juggles with common sense, and tries to make up look like down with pseudo intellectual gibberish and sweeping emotion to create his illusion, the compulsively fantasizing, Nobel Prize winning holocaust artist Elie Wiesel refuses to dwell at all in the realms of the physically possible, and describes different colors of crematorium flames emitted by the burning of different nationality Jews, geysers of blood spouting from the ground. There's no limit to the number and the creativity of 'witnesses' of his kind.

Abe Foxman and Wiesel go to the extreme, and bluntly blame 'Christianity' for 'The Holocaust', and also quite openly advocate a number of other interesting ideas, ranging from separatism / apartheid on an ethnic basis, as well as keeping a lot of hatred in your heart for Germans (and Palestinians, and Iranians, and Latvians, and Poles, and, and, and.)

Bernard-Henri Levy the neocon

Well mentioning the Palestinians; that reminds me of another strategy used by our French/Jewish philosopher on this occasion. It was very clear that besides wishing for a moratorium on free historical research and discussion, the danger from Islam was his next biggest concern.

On every occasion he injected the usual short or long arguments and hints, warning against Islam as a threat against the free world, heard from most other neoconservative / Zionist leaning opponents to Islamization in most western countries; Daniel Pipes, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Hans Rustad (Norway), Henryk Broder (Germany), several media Jews / collumnists in Holland such as Leon de Winter, people around the Danish People's Party, the Danish Free Speech Society, Melanie Phillips (Britain) etc.

Hijacking anti-immigration sentiment to further Zionist agenda

  English Defence League - Jewish Division
Haaretz reporter:
'What do you say to comments by a British Jewish organization against the cooperation of Jews with the EDL?'

EDL member Brazillian Jewess Roberta Moore: ' They are all ignoramuses and think we are fascists. They think the league is exploiting us, while it is really we who initiated the Jewish division. If anything, we are exploiting them.' Haaretz

People with a similar Zionist, but otherwise inward or outwardly different agenda that of Bernard-Henri Levy, obviously also try to use popular and justified resistance to mass immigration, and channel it to best fit their own purposes.

Many of them are former Trotskyites, or subscribed to related extreme left wing philosophies, of course including the Frankfurt School.

Until at some point in time Israel called upon its sons, and left wing globalist Marxists, became neoconservative globalist Marxist Zionists.

As earlier in the Bible as today, they send out scouts and infiltrate promising movements and try to fill influential posts, watering down the original concept, shaping it into what is most profitable for their own causes.

Thus almost all of the European resistance to mass-immigration, is channeled towards an abstract concept 'Islam'.

Soft touch in Europe - Bloody murder abroad

When talking about home affairs, such as Muslim immigration, the manipulators take great care to state that their fight is 'not with Muslims as individuals', and they make a big point out of proclaiming they are 'anti-racist', and that Hitler and the Palestinians are the same evil with different faces, just as Ahmadinejad | 2.

  Jewish Americans for Sarah
Labour Friends of Israel
Conservative Friends of Israel
Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel
Homosexual Friends of Israel
Native American Friends of Israel
Redhaired Frieds of Israel
Jewish Council of Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji Islands, Fill in a name yourself Friends of Israel. Google it and you'll most likely find something. | Channel 4 - Inside Britain's Israel Lobby | The Israel Lobby – Dutch TV Documentary Breaks the Taboo

Then they direct most possible focus to abstract ideas such as 'Islam', in order not to offend the multicultural strategy they formerly defended, too much. They reduce the problem to the religion of the immigrants, and of course they see the direct consequences of ever more Muslims before too long becoming better educated and prepared to take over the foreign policies of European countries in the long run.

They are clearly only concerned for the existence of the peoples of Europe, as far as Europe's Islamization might pose a threat to their own plans and strategies. All the talk is about 'Islam', and many even go so far as to deny the danger from mass immigration from the rest of the world, as long as they are not Muslims.

On the global scene however, there is a different approach by the same people. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, and in the future Iran and Syria, it is quite ok. to cause 'collateral damage'. In the Mediterranean, it is quite okay for Israeli commandos to board a ship in international waters and murder nine... And of course everybody must accept that Israeli hit men travel on forged European documents to organize and carry out executions of opponents all over the world; at least in places where the use of drones would be too difficult.

Organized Jewry - Greatest threat to free speech


We should be very thankful towards the organizers of this conference, who made it possible that it was demonstrated loud and clear once again, that the greatest threat against free speech does not originate from screaming and threatening axe wielding suicidal Muslims, but from most parts of the whole spectrum of the Jewish/Zionist community, which is far more adept at getting it's wishes translated into laws in their host countries and supra national organizations, such as the EU and the UN, than the unorganized quarreling Muslims with their bad language skills, who fill the streets of European Capitals, or the Iranian and Middle eastern Mullahs with their loud and bombastic, but powerless threats and fatwa's.

Mon cher Bernard et ses amis

But of course Bernard-Henri Lévy was not alone. After mon cher Bernard had introduced the real problem with freedom of speech, (thank him for doing that almost right away) the rest of the panel continued using the same twisted designation 'holocaust deniers', for what at least could have been called 'revisionists', dissident historians, theorists or whatever, who's works have nothing in common with the fabricated fantasy of dubious origin, 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. As always Zionists refer to this title, suggesting it has something to do with 'holocaust deniers'. But of course it would be a whole lot more difficult to ridicule the Max Plank educated completely a-political chemist German Rudolf's professional work, on chemical analyses of walls of alleged gas chambers.

The Panel

After each individual went through the usual ritual exercises demonisation, name calling, dismissing, condemning, generalizing and ridiculing of people who's views and opinions on history are different from their own, three people on the panel remained, who did not readily accept the suggestion from our revered and brave French/Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévi, or the ultimate conclusion coming from the maniacal talk about the inescapable necessity of world wide laws against 'holocaust denial' and control of the internet, from LICRA-boss Philippe Schmidt.

  Philippe Schmidt - LICRA / INACH
  We need a limit on freedom of expression. Why? Because of the internet, everybody can use, speak... Where is the limit? Denying the 'olocaust? That's the controversy!

LICRA-boss obsessed by holocaust

It seems a bit as if the latter used the word holocaust at the beginning and end of every third sentence. This noble Jew left absolutely no doubt about the fact, that the only thing he really cared for, was censoring the world wide web, and putting every one in jail who speaks against his preferred version of history.

But his shameless endorsement of dictatorial measures against harmless intellectual dissidents was at least more honest than the slightly more refined approach to deception from former neo-Marxist turned neo-conservative Sephardic Zionist, the French/Jewish Bernard-Henri Lévy from the 'Nouvelle Philosophie' movement.

Mr. Philippe Schmidt was also distorting the truth; according to him, there was a big difference between Europe and the US, concerning freedom of expression; in Europe the wise politicians had decided to limit free speech, and outlaw what he called 'holocaust denial'.

But that is not true; there are lots of countries here in Europe where people are free to question whichever historic event they choose, or even flat out state in a newspaper e.g. 'the holocaust is a lie'.

And some of the countries which have installed such laws, often under heavy pressure from Jewish and Zionist groups, they are not applied to sober discussions, and in some of these countries, many politicians are not exactly happy about that situation either. Even in Germany from time to time voices are raised over the incompatability of such laws with democracy and freedom of speech, which are considered to be European key values. recently by the Jewish/German journalist Henryk Broder.

Keep your dirty hands of my key values Mr. Schmidt


This self appointed censor Schmidt should leave his hands off my key values, and forget about his proposed merger of Talmudic law into 'Judeo-Christian' values for Goyish consumption, as I don't mess with his Torah and Talmud.

I do not often talk about 'purity', but in this case I will insist on unadulterated undiluted and uncontaminated pure European values.

And for those less concerned with principles and philosophy, the practical aspect may be worth noting; in none of the countries where there still is free speech, there is nothing which in anyway would suggest that there is more 'anti-Semitism' or 'holocaust denial', or Jew hatred, or animosity towards Israel, or people being killed by words, than in those countries which have installed fascist laws regulating historical viewpoints and other stuff.

But as I mentioned elsewhere in this post, sadly there is a long lasting tradition among Jews for knowingly generating and profiting from so called 'anti-Semitism'.

About what is acceptable censorship in Europe; I can inform the LICRA thought crime enforcer that here in Denmark there is such a strong tradition for freedom of speech, that even Jews who silently but obviously wish otherwise, proclaim that of course they would never dream about imposing censorship.

In order not to get the extremely negative image it is here in the Nordic countries, to be seen as someone who opposes free speech.

And that tradition has not been weakened by the affair about the Mohammed Cartoons. Also baseless charges of 'anti-Semitism', are not very popular here, even in the rather Jewish dominated press, as ADL operative Kenneth Jacobsen and a Danish Chief rabbi once found out. And the foreign ministry is fed up with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, though they try to stay 'polite', unlike Irelands Mary McAleese.

Go ahead Sschmidt; take on Scandinavia; some of your friends have already started a campaign.

Jødiske ekstremister Efraim Zuroff, Manfred Gerstenfeld og Zvi Mazel starter hadkampagne mod Skandinavien | Document.no 14 december 2008 - Jødefiendtlighet i Norge vekker oppsikt (The Norwegian anitislamiske blogger, the Zionist Hans Rustad backs it up!)

But remember; we are really Viking Heathen country here Schmidt, where Nazis still have the same rights as Jews, (on paper anyway) and can greet each other and praise their prophet the way they wish. Where we have a swastika ornamented brewery, and guilded swastikas in churches.

'The same freedom for Loke as for Thor'

Pre-judaic wisdom from before the onslaught of Christianity is still a living tradition.

Last week our politicians were serious discussing trashing our comparatively mild hate speech legislation all together, in stead of getting ready to agree on Mr. Schmidt's sick idea of world wide censorship on behalf of the cult of the suffering Jew.

David Remnick - Editor of The New Yorker (Jewish and probably safe to say, a Zionist)

  David Remnick - Moderator

Editor of The New Yorker

It was hard to put a finger on him, and / but he appeared to be extremely cautious to keep all parties satisfied, and seemed a bit tense. I have not studied his remarks in detail.

When asked by a member of the audience why his newspaper didn't print the Danish Mohammed Cartoons, he tried to get around the question in various ways, Andrew Kissenger, a Columbia student, asked about the Mohammed Cartoons.

The question starts just before 4 minutes into the Nr. 19 Questions clip. Remnick reacted nervous and a bit aggressive to this particular question, his explanation sounded something like: 'We publish what we publish, in other words, we publish work that we are generating, we don't Xerox from other, other..., we defended their right to do it..

Comment: Oh yes that'll explain it, we don't Xerox from other other.. I guess 'The New Yorker' makes up all its news on its own then, and never shows a picture relating to the articles which they haven't produced themselves.. Great idea.. saves a lot of money, and people will buy a boring newspaper just as well right?

I think Remnick's response to that question clearly showed this went much deeper than he would have us believe, and than I would have suspected in the first place... Interesting... Could look as if being editor of The New Yorker is a hard job. Perhaps the mob has it's claws in him, perhaps some powerful news corp's hidden agenda make life hard.

Funny, we talk and think of the US as a country with extremly free speech. But it seems censorship can be used much more subly and in much more covert ways, than the crude laws the Jews demand. The relative suppression of the Palestinian side of the story in US-media for example or the quick silencing of Helen Thomas.

Peter Awn - Easy way out: Flat Earth Society

Peter Awn - Director of the Columbia Middle East Institute
'Why not allow Muslim head scarves in American schools?'

Peter Awn, Director of Columbias Middle East Institute also more or less professed his support of free speech, and seemed generally more interested in advocating his relatively positive views on Muslims and Islam than really debating the principles of free speech.

He used the easiest excuse at hand; comparing revisionists to members of the flat earth society; rather harmless for revisionists, and in his mind probably also harmless for 'the traditional enemies of free speech'.

If Peter Awn actually believes for himself, that the well argumented and documented theories put forward by people often defamed as 'holocaust deniers', are as easy dismissed as those originating from the aforementioned Flat Earth Society, he should just for one second contemplate the possibility that these evil/ridiculous 'holocaust deniers' could be on to just a small grain of the truth.


That will immediately help him make more sense out of these Jewish/Zionist organizations, and these French/Jewish philosophers and their extremist fellow Jew Philippe Schmidt's complete obsession with the fact that there is a small number of intelligent people, who don't accept some of the premises of the popular story of the holocaust.

Schmidt wants so bad to put everybody in jail, that he would install a worldwide censorship program and even a world government, just for the sake of that objective. It seems as if these Jews have no sense for proportions. Compare the statement; One Jewish fingernail is worth more than a thousand Palestinians. One third generation holocaust victim's sick emotiotions mean more than freedom of expression and the life and liberty of millions of people.

The stakes are a lot higher then most uninformed people realize.........

From a Zionist point of view, it makes good sense to protect their perceived interests, which in the case of 'the holocaust' and many related items, are not only of a wholly symbolic, immmaterial, or spiritual nature, as some people might think....

So the Zionists are in a real dillemma here, and have to choose between letting the truth reign free, or more oppression, which in the end would wake people up just the same.

Actually, they have already lost big time, they have just not yet realized it.

Post Scriptum

If someone should think I am a little hard on Bernard-Henri, making fun of his accent, and my frequent and sarcastic use of the title 'French/Jewish philosopher', please consider this:

Here is a guy who is telling me in my face that he would want to put me in prison for what I might publish on this website, because he might not agree with it. Talking about words that can kill. This French/Jewish clown is not funny; he's not joking, he is completely in line with the ADL, SPLC, LICRA, INACH, MDI, CIDI, and all the other Jewish censorship organizations. What the hell is 'Nouvelle' about him? Or moral? Or philosophical?

But of course there will probably always be people who will find my verbal expeditions more offensive than promoting totalitarianism., or Jewish supremacy; take your pick, whatever you may think could be the case.

Freedom of Expression - The Controversy Columbia University
Hat tip Veritas Universalis | Download this YouTube video (235 MB)

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01 Introduction (24 MB - can be skipped)
02 David Remnick - The New Yorker - Moderator
03 Bernard-Henri Lévy 01 (50 MB)
04 Peter Awn Professor of Islam Columbia
05 Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
06 Philippe Schmidt LICRA - INACH
07 David Remnick
08 Philippe Schmidt LICRA - INACH
09 David Remnick
10 Bernard-Henri Lévy 02
11 Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
12 Peter Awn Professor of Islam Columbia
13 Bernard-Henri Lévy - Question is to uncover (25 MB)
14a David Remnick - Murder of Rabin
14 Peter Awn Professor of Islam Columbia
15 Philippe Schmidt LICRA - INACH - We need limits on free speech
16 Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
17 Philippe Schmidt LICRA - INACH - We need lnternational Laws
18 David Remnick - Intro to Questions
19 Questions from the Audience (131 MB) (could be skipped)
20 David Remnick - Intro to Bernard-Henri Levy Speech
21 Bernard-Henri Lévy - Closing Speech (146 MB)
22 Thanks For Coming to Columbia (2 MB can be skipped)


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I would have liked to have reiterated, this week, why Marine Le Pen is none the less radical than her father and infinitely more dangerous.[Dangerous to whom, mon cher ami...]
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Danish - Dansk - tillæg

Balder 5 september 2011 - Peter Wivel skamroser Bernard-Henri Lévis krigshetz mod Libyen Politiken artikel: Bernard-Henry Lévy vandt kampen for et frit Libyen

Den jødiske journalist, Tysklandkorrespondent Peter Wivel atter med atter en moralprædiken, henvisninger til Drejfuss-affæren, flere fransk/jødiske filosoffers resume og slet skjult beundring den jødiske Bernard-Henri Lévis krigshetz mod Libyen og profetisk forhåndsfrikendelse af den jødiske Dominique Strauss Kahn, osv. osv.:

Bernard-Henry er helt uberegnelig. Han tager ofte fejl. Men hans engagement og vovemod kan der ikke sættes spørgsmålstegn ved. I Tyskland finder man det hårrejsende, at intellektuelle griber ind i den politiske proces og præsenterer sig som nationens samvittighed. Det kunne landet ellers godt have haft brug for i skæbnesvangre stunder.


Med udgangspunkt i det belejrede Sarajevo kæmpede han i 1990' erne som en løve for at støtte et muslimsk styret Bosnien og for Kosovas frihed. I 2002 rejste han rundt i Pakistan for at finde ud af, hvem der henrettede og halshuggede den amerikanske journalist (Jøden) Daniel Pearl (der muligvis var knap så uskyldig og måske var CIA eller Mossadagent) . Han har støttet Georgien i landets kamp mod Moskva (hvor Israel som sædvanligt havde mere end én finger med) . Dette forår har han rejst rundt i Nordafrikas brændpunkter og hjulpet de libyske oprørere til anerkendelse i Paris.

(Det mellem klammer og link indsat af Balder)

Særlig tak til Wivel oplysningen at hans jødiske folke- og åndsfælle 'i 1990' erne kæmpede som en løve for at støtte et muslimsk styret Bosnien og for Kosovas frihed.'

I en gennemsnitlig avisartikel er Jøder som regel statistiske set meget godt repræsenteret, enten som journalister, eksperter, debattører, organisationer eller subjekter / emner. Men hvis man læser sådan en artikel fra Peter Wivel, så skulle man tro at verden er hovedsageligt befolket af Jøder, hvoraf de fleste hvis ikke alle får fine skudsmål. Hvordan Bernard Henry Lévi bærer sig af med at nyde popularitet hos højt placerede politikere, antiislamiske halvnationalistiske bloggere samtidigt med at blive bejublet af venstreorienterede jødiske antinationalistiske skriverkarle som Peter Wivel må man nok spørge.

En af hans nyere artikler har den tyske/jødiske historiker Peter Jahn i centrum, der kom men en forudseelig jødisk synsvinkel på de seneste udtalelser fra Günter Grass, hvori den fæle eks-nazist vover på at sammenligne flere end seks millioner massakrerede tyskere med seks millioner myrdede Jøder. Kunne være sjovt at lave lidt statistik over Wivels produktion. Hvor mange judeocentriske opstød der er i blandt, og hvor mange jødisk/zionistiske mærkesager han har dækket, hvor mange gange han snakker om holocaust osv.
Politiken 3 september 2011 · Günter Grass sidestiller tyske krigsofre med holocaust
Politiken 29 august 2011 - Bernard-Henry Lévy vandt kampen for et frit Libyen (Peter Wivel!)


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