The crime: Expressed doubt about the authenticity of Anne Frank's diary, and the extent and the systematic nature of certain aspects of what is popularly known as 'the holocaust'.

  Danish version of this article: Balder Blog 26 juni 2010 - Belgien: Vlaams Blok politiker Roeland Raes 4 måneder bag tremmer for ‘holocaust-benægtelse’   
  Roeland Raes

The now former senator from the Flemish party 'Vlaams Blok', [now Vlaams Belang because of political and judicial harassment] Roeland Raes, had to consider statements he had voiced during a TV-broadcast by the Dutch TV-station NCRV in the program 'Network' in 2001, in a Court of Appeal in the Belgian Capital Brussels.

Expressed doubts

On this particular occasion the former Vice-President of Vlaams Blok had expressed doubts about the veracity of the famous novel 'The Diary of Anne Frank', and the extent of, and in how far, certain aspects of the so called 'holocaust' were to be classified as being of a systematical nature. This resulted in a conviction for what is popularly called 'holocaust denial' , in Belgium referred to as 'negotianism' for my lack of a proper English word.

In the NCRV-broadcast from January 26, 2001, Roeland Raes, at that time Senator for the Nationalist party 'Vlaams Blok', was interviewed about his alleged connections to a right wing Dutch party.

During this interview, Raes expressed his doubts about the authenticity of the Anne Frank novel, and very briefly on the extent of 'the holocaust' and the question of in how far certain aspects of the events could be classified as systematic.

Extemination camps were work camps

  'Thank God, not a concentration camp but a work camp', is the title of a book written by a Dutch / Jewish Auschwitz survivor.

In a longer lasting part of the interview, Raes expanded on his opinions, and said that he thought the persecution of Jews was of a systematic nature, but not the alleged extermination.

Therefore the official numbers pertaining to the alleged number of victims was highly exaggerated.

He also said that that alleged extermination camps actually were forced labor camps, where the living conditions were appalling.

Correctional Court

Raes was dragged into the Brussels Court, which in it's Flemish title has the suitable word 'correctional' added before the word 'court'.

I understand: It is the function of Belgian courts to correct Belgian subjects' opinions about novels and historical events, because Raes was sentenced to 4 month in jail for 'negotianism'.

The former senator appealed the verdict, and last Tuesday the court proceeded in the case.

A verdict is expected in September.


HLN 22 juni 2010 - Hof van Beroep buigt zich over vermeend negationisme

Dansk version af denne artikel:

Balder Blog 25 juni 2010 - Belgien: Vlaams Blok politiker Roeland Raes 4 måneder bag tremmer for ‘holocaustbenægtelse’

Looking back: The traditional enemies of free speech pushed for prosecution

Original videotape with Raes interview missing

'Forum of Jewish Organizations' [Forum der Joodse Organisaties] which says it represents Jewish societies and organizations in Flanders, immediately dragged him into court for 'negotianism'.

Brussels' 'Correctional Court's Advisory Board' decided on February 7 [2006] not to prosecute Raes, but the Jewish umbrella organization appealed the decision. Today the prosecutor's office decides.

'It was clear to the board that the case against my client is amateurish.

At no time could the whole NCRV-interview be produced; only short clips out of context were used as evidence. But the whole interview is important, to put certain things in their proper context.

Apparently the master tape could not be found by the broadcaster NCRV', says Raes' lawyer Piet Noë.

Nieuwsblad 6 april 2006 - Videoband in zaak Roeland Raes zoek

Here a short clip from the aforementioned TV-broadcast:

Roeland Raes - Clip from interview broadcast by NCRV February 26, 2001 - English subtitles


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