Let's Talk, Stefan - Comments on the recent video from Stefan Molyneux about Judaism.

Balder comments: Many people anticipated serious blowback directed towards critics of Jewish Power and more restrictions on free speech after the Pittsburgh murders. But it seems that things are taking an unexpected new turn: Critics of the policies of major Jewish institutions, organizations and powerful individuals are now taking the offensive. Nobody defends what the gunman Robert Bowers did to innocent "little Jews" in Pittsburg, but everybody acknowledges the motives behind what Jewish organizations and Jewish controlled Main Stream Media call "Anti-Semitism" and "Jew hatred".

More videos to come soon, or if you can't wait go to Luke Ford's channel, where the Orthodox Jew Luke Ford expresses his feelings towards organized big Jewry who according to Luke "are putting poisonous snakes in my bedroom" and are willfully destroying America with mass immigration of third world Muslims and Mexicans. See links below.

An interesting detail to the Pittsburgh shooting is that allegedly a foreskin amputation (circumcision) of a baby by a homosexual couple was taking place at that moment. The Tree of Life Synagogue was a "modern" reform synagogue infected by "modernity" which has been advocated first and foremost by adherents to the teachings Jewish Multicultural Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School.

JFG The Public Space - October 30, 2018 - Let's Talk, Stefan | TPS #202 | YouTube
JFG Bitchute channel | JFG Website

Stefan Molyneux - The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre

Excerpt from YouTube description:
"According to a Federal criminal complaint released Sunday, Bowers told a SWAT officer after being shot and captured:

They’re committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill Jews."

Also read the comment section to this video, not even his long time fans are buying Stefan's shilling for Jews and Israel!



Luke Ford - October 30, 2018:

Big Jews Vs Little Jews
Civil War in American Judaism
Who leads Orthodox Jewish Los Angeles?
Luke Ford Channel with more related streams

Luke Ford recent Blogposts (some contain a lot of interesting facts & info!)

Civil War in American Judaism
Rabbi David Wolpe: Calls to excommunicate pro-Trump Jews are not simply wrong. They’re poison.
The Advocate: Synagogue Shooting Occurred During Bris for Gay Couple’s adopted Twins
Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto
Tree Of Life Synagogue Shooting Kills 11
Every Major American Jewish Organization Including The Orthodox Union And Agudath Israel Supports Immigration Amnesty

About HIAS - Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in article about US below

Balder Blog 10 juni 2008 - Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - USA | England | France | Canada | Holland | Ireland


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Also videos: Alain Soral: My homage to Robert Faurisson - English translation & voice over by Alison Chabloz and Vincent Reynouard: Faurisson Sows Panic in his Hometown

The world famous holocaust revisionist professor Robert Faurisson died of a heart attack a few days ago after a private event in London which was disturbed by thugs from the Jewish "Hope not Hate" campaign

  Robert Faurisson

Here the French Professor, who coined the phrase "No Holes No Holocaust" and who suffered numerous physical attacks because of his historical findings has a long and in depth conversation with the almost equally famous Jewish / Israeli born Jazz Saxophonist, writer and philosopher Gilad Atzmon, author of "The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics" and Being in Time: A Post-Political Manifesto (2017) now living in England. (English spoken with French subtitles) Original title of this video: Gilad Atzmon rencontre Robert Faurisson - 10 juin 2014



Gilad Atzmon meets professor Robert Faurisson on June 10, 2014
  Professor Robert Faurisson
French revisionist, after attack from Jewish Defense League (JDL) thugs i Paris September 1989.


The question at stake is not what happened in the past but the freedom to research and evaluate the past without being threatened by ‘history laws.’ More

This video is hosted at https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2e7359
Should it ever be censored and deleted from there, you can download it here:

YouTube 21. okt. 2018 - Vincent Reynouard: Faurisson Sows Panic in his Hometown - YouTube
Account of a private gathering held on October 20 in the hometown of Professor Faurisson. The latter participated with Vincent Reynouard. It was without counting the "politically correct" dictatorship. Due to threats, the conference ended amidst shouts and the fire alarm... A beautiful lesson of "tolerance"..
If censored from YouTube, download here: http://blog.balder.org/media/20181021-Vincent-Reynouard-Faurisson-Sows-Panic-In-His-Hometown.mp4

Alain Soral – My homage to Robert Faurisson - Via Alison Chabloz

Translation / Voice over by Alison - Original French version here


English Alison Chabloz: Robert Faurisson's commitment to the Revisionist cause remained intact until his final breath, Oct 23, 2018 - Alison Chabloz, a musician is currently being persecuted by Jewish entities in England, because of her many satirical songs about the holocaust and Jewish power.

English Robert Faurisson: Un homme intrépide et indomptable au milieu des lâches (Jérôme Bourbon)

English English Google Translation of the above link (an intrepid and indomitable man among cowards)

Many more articles about Rober Faurisson, Alison Chabloz and related in several languages on this website (Balder.org & blog.balder.org) see main index


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Original Title: 5 Billionaires Pour Millions into Blue Wave for Midterm Elections

Also: The Canary Mission - Israeli Psyop exposed - How millions of Jewish dollars find their way to Pro Zionist organizations - Zionists keep database on every individual, politician or group that opposes them

5 Billionaires Pour Millions into Blue Wave for Midterm Elections

Billionaires Pour Hundreds of Millions into Midterm Elections to sabotage Donald Trump

October 13, 2018 - Red Elephants - Vince Jones
Israeli Psyop Exposed - The Canary Mission
America First - October 10, 2018 - Nickolas J Fuentes

Fox News: Liberal billionaires pour hundreds of millions into midterms hoping for Blue Wave

The Canary Mission website: https://canarymission.org/

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Account suspended by YouTube - Watch via Bitchute: Why The West Must End Democracy
YouTube: Denne video er ikke tilgængelig

Way of the World weighs the pros and cons of Western democracy and calls for new ideas to address the unique problems of our time. Watch on Bitchute

If this video is censored or restricted by YouTube you can download it here (41 MB) Or watch via Bitchute

https://www.youtube.com/wayoftheworld1 - Censored by YouTube

Also see: Way of the World - Russell Brand - Nationalist Convert?

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Flygtninge skal hjem og opbygge deres egne lande (Dalai Lama in Sweden: Europe IS For Europeans, Refugees Go Home and Rebuild)

Dalai Lama via RedIce TV - Henrik Palmgren og Lana præsenterer
Trump to UN, "We reject the ideology of globalism." HIGHLIGHTS


Uriasposten 14 september - Tibetansk nationalist chokerer svenske medier: Flygtninge skal hjem igen – “Europa er for europæere”

I den store sal i Malmøs koncerthus var alt udsolgt, da fredspristageren og det tibetanske folks åndelige overhoved Dalai Lama i går begyndte sin europatur. Men først skulle han møde den samlede svenske presse, og det gik ikke helt, som medierne forventede

Kristeligt Dagblad 12 september 2018 - Dalai Lama overraskede svenske journalister i Malmø: ”Europa er for europæere”

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Censur af udvalgte videoer hos TV2. Virkeligheden skal ikke forstyrre den globalistisk idyl.
Jan Jacobsen fortæller om sagen

Klippet TV2 ikke vil have oppe, danskhed og snak om Stram Kurs og Rasmus Paludan
Jan Jacobsen Published on Sep 14, 2018


  nov 14, 2006 147     Skandaløs TV2 udsendelse; Dags Dato 13 november 2006 Skammelsen - SIAD


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